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AV Bros. Puzzle Pro 2.0
AV Bros. Puzzle Pro 2.0: this Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts' plug-in is an extremely powerful and flexible maker of jig-saw puzzles. AV Bros. Puzzle Pro 2.0 is high quality, powerful a...
License : Shareware     Download Size:3984 KB
Eye Candy v4000
is a set of 23 Adobe PhotoShop compatible plug-in filters. The filters include: Antimatter, Carve, Chrome, Cutout, Drop Shadow, Fire, Fur, Glass, Glow, HSB Noise, Inner Bevel, Jiggle, Motion Trai...
License : Demo     Download Size:980 KB
Plugin Commander Light v1.50
allows you to to organize your Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects plugins. You can customize Filter Factory plugins, convert between different plugin formats, batch process BMP files, s...
License : Freeware     Download Size:4 MB
Panopticum Lens Pro for Adobe Photoshop v1.2
is made of a unique set of special lens effects for Adobe Photoshop, Corel PhotoPaint, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, and other similar applications. Panopticum Lens Pro features tools that let you to show...
License : Demo     Download Size:1 MB
Redfield Plug-ins v1.41
is made of three plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop-compatible picture editors. "Jama 2000" allows you to to create unlimited variations of curtains, wall tiles, herringbones, knots, wickers,...
License : Demo     Download Size:150 KB
2D HyperClouds
is an Adobe Photoshop plug-in filter that allows you to create cloud textures and plasmas. 2D HyperClouds is on the basis of Perlin's noise features, and uses the background and foreground co...
License : Freeware     Download Size:23 KB
Deep Paint v1.07
is a PhotoShop plug-in and standalone software that offers 3D lighting and texture controls for generating realistic and stunning effects. You can effortlessly convert existing pictures or illust...
License : 60-day Trial     Download Size:20 MB
LuraDocument Photoshop Plug-in v2.5.01
extends the functionality of Adobe Photoshop allowing your documents to be saved as LuraDocument (LWF) files within Photoshop. LuraDocument Photoshop Plug-in comes with lossless compression and d...
License : 30-day Trial     Download Size:1 MB
Panopticum Alpha Strip v1.1
is an Adobe compatible plug-in for generating masks from fields of geometrical figures. The effects may be utilized by Web designers to create backgrounds and add effects to text items and pictur...
License : Demo     Download Size:1 MB
FilterFormula v1.1
is a PhotoShop-compatible plugin that allows you to customize filters. FilterFormula provides an easy, but powerful "C"-like language. The code allows the use of loops, if-statements, a...
License : Shareware     Download Size:379 KB
Panopticum Fire v2.0
is an Adobe Photoshop plug-in that allows you to to create realistic burning effects. The plug-in contains numerous, adjustable fire effects, enabling you to modify a lot of flame parameters, and...
License : Demo     Download Size:1 MB
Plugin Galaxy v1.00
is made of 20 Adobe compatible plug-ins that let you use over 120 effects. Plugin Galaxy features the ability to adjust the transparency; blurring, texture, and pattern generation abilities; the ...
License : Demo     Download Size:1 MB
Red Prince Whitewash v1.0
is an Adobe Photoshop, picture Alpha channel plug-in, typically used to make a layer transparent. ...
License : Freeware     Download Size:433 KB
Mosaic Studio Photoshop Filter v1.0
is an Adobe Photoshop plug-in that allows you to to create "Mosaic" pictures that comprise numerous, tiny cell pictures. Mosaic Studio Photoshop Filter considers thousands of pictures f...
License : Shareware     Download Size:2 MB
Color Pilot Plugin v2.24
allows you to to effortlessly correct digital camera or scanned photo pictures within Adobe Photoshop. You can better a picture by just selecting a color to be changed, and then selecting a refer...
License : Shareware     Download Size:449 KB
Adrenaline - Harmonix v1.0.7c5
is an Adobe Photoshop plug-in that allows you to to create harmonic waves. This Adobe Photoshop plug-in allows you to create smooth, anti-aliased, complex, harmonic waves. You can also adjust the...
License : Freeware     Download Size:363 KB
Primus v1.0
is an Adobe Photoshop plug-in that provides you with a lot of 3D surfaces and textures. Primus is compatible with the following applications: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop (3.0 and higher), Arc...
License : Freeware     Download Size:849 KB
Ulead GIF-X.Plugin v2.0.1
is a Photoshop plug-in that allows you to to take any picture and output a GIF animation with such effects as fireworks, meteors, and bolts of lightning. This plug-in allows you to create instant...
License : 15-day Trial     Download Size:5 MB
Designer Sextet v1.0
is a set of six eye-catching plugin filters for use with PhotoShop and other paint softwares. The group comes with Aetherize, Bend, Swerve, Lacquer, Silver and Glare. Aetherize allows you to give...
License : 30-day Trial     Download Size:2 MB
Four Filter Special v1.0
is a set of four surrealistic plugin filters for use with PhotoShop and other paint softwares. The set comes with SolarCell, India Ink, FeatherGIF, and Tesselation. SolarCell allows you to create...
License : 30-day Trial     Download Size:819 KB
Free Plugins from Flaming Pear Software
is a group of 55 creative plug-ins for Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoPaint, and other compatible applications. The set comes with color and glass effects (VideoRave), color gradient effects (Ha...
License : Freeware     Download Size:178 KB
Extensis PhotoFrame v2.0
is an Adobe PhotoShop plug-in for generating professional frame and border effects. You can set the opacity, color, blend mode and blur separately for the background and border. Up to three frame...
License : 30-day Trial     Download Size:9 MB
Visibone Swatch Collection v2.0
is made of Web-safe color swatch collections for Adobe ImageReady and Photoshop. All 216 universal browser-safe colors are arranged symmetrically by hue in a color wheel. The software comes with ...
License : Freeware     Download Size:3 KB
Page Curl Light v1.2
is an Adobe Photoshop plug-in that allows you to to give your pictures a turning-page effect. Page Curl comes with a host of sliders that let you adjust the angle, level, twirl, radius, obliquity...
License : Shareware     Download Size:952 KB
Extensis Mask Pro v2.03
is a group of sophisticated masking tools for Adobe PhotoShop. Mask Pro's color matching technology and vector-based clipping path make it a snap to create professional masks. Just decide tha...
License : 30-day Trial     Download Size:10 MB
UnPlugged (for Photoshop compatible applications) v1.3
is a group of over 90 plug-in filters. The group comes with over 20 color filters (comprising factorize, cycle, solarize, and primatize), over 20 effects filters (comprising defocus, neon, TV noi...
License : Freeware     Download Size:128 KB
BladePro v2.1.4
allows you to to transfer your pictures onto a Web page directly from Adobe PhotoShop and PhotoDeluxe. This plug-in relieves the labor-intensive tasks of saving, copying, down-sampling, and uploa...
License : Demo     Download Size:2 MB
Extensis PhotoGraphics v1.0.1
is a PhotoShop plug-in that provides a full set of drawing tools and advanced text abilities. It allows you to to create basic vector shapes that can be filled and stroked, as well as text on a p...
License : 30-day Trial
Extensis Intellihance Pro v4.0.3
is a PhotoShop filter that optimizes and enhances photo pictures in one step. This Photoshop Plug-in module intelligently and automatically adjusts picture contrast, brightness, saturation, sharp...
License : 30-day Trial     Download Size:6 MB
UnPlugged (for Adobe Photoshop) v1.3
is a group of over 90 plug-in filters for Adobe Photoshop. The group comes with over 20 color filters (comprising factorize, cycle, solarize, and primatize), over 20 effects filters (comprising d...
License : Freeware     Download Size:71 KB

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