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FastTrack Backup 2.68
Todo el mundo sabe de la importancia de tener copia de seguridad de los datos almacenados en tu PC, pero son muy pocos los que se acuerdan de hacerlo antes del fatco momento en que, por unas cosas o ...
License : Shareware     Download Size:1380 KB
GRBackPro - Professional Backup 6.2.0
Backup Win 2K3 XP 2K NT Me 9x. Entirely configurable, include,exclude files, skip directories. Integrated restore and scheduler. Full, Incremental and Differential Backup modes. Can run as NT service....
License : 30-day Trial     Download Size:2024 KB
Dobry Backuper 1.5
Mac backup software that creates full, versioned, and incremental backups. It creates tar-compatible backup archives and comes with scheduling tools, on-the-fly compression, and backup to any mounted ...
License : Shareware     Download Size:864 KB
WinArcHelper 1.0
Shell for your favorite archiver that handles folders list, creates *.bat files, uses rules (list of file masks) for each directory (also you can reuse rules), forces archive files to be smaller, perf...
License : Shareware     Download Size:541 KB
Vembu StoreGrid 1.6
Vembu StoreGrid is an extremely flexible feature packed Backup Software that works with your existing hardware. StoreGrid can facilitate intranet, client-server & remote backups and is ideal for ...
License : 10-day Trial     Download Size:3441 KB
Automatic file backup software run as windows service, online backup any type of files and folders to local hard disk,USB disk,network and other storage device. Intuitive interface make it easy t...
License : Shareware     Download Size:1735584 KB
White Backup 1.0.17
Powerful and flexible file backup system for your PC.  Highly configurable, yet easy to use, it is developed to meet needs of most demanding home, office and professional users. Automation of com...
License : Shareware     Download Size:1946 KB
R-Drive Image Hard Disk Backup Software 3.0
R-Drive Picture is powerful drive picture and backup software that creates disk picture files with exact, byte-by-byte copies of a hard drive, partition or logical disk. These drive picture files can ...
License : 30-day Trial     Download Size:11398 KB
Floopy 1.0.1b
Floopy Picture Creator. Create Picture files of your floopy drive and no need to worry to care about those floppies , if you want compressed pictures it also has builtin compression support. Now ...
License : Freeware     Download Size:157 KB
iPodBackup 1.1.4
Backup home folder to an iPod. iPodBackup is a shell-script-turned-software (via Platypus) that backs up your home folder to your iPod using the open source backup software called rsync.You can a...
License : Freeware     Download Size:344 KB
Laze E X 2.5.2
CD-R/RW authoring software. Laze E. Laze E Burns Mulitsession ISO, Joliet and HFS+ discs. Burn Disc pictures and toast pictures, create/convert disc pictures and save sessions to file. Add custom...
License : Shareware     Download Size:3.1 MB
DiscBlaze 4.2.1
Burn media effortlessly. DiscBlaze is a simple to use software for burning data to CD's and DVD's. Features include: Burn more than one sessions to the same CD. Burn Audio CD's from a...
License : Shareware     Download Size:2.4 MB
iTreo 1.4.1
Backup app for Treo 600 or Zire 71 handheld. iTreo is a backup companion for theTreo 600 or Zire 71 handheld. It can fetch pictures taken with your Treo, and to copy them to iPhoto, the Finder, o...
License : Shareware     Download Size:760 KB
SoftRAID 3.1
High quality RAID software now bootable. SoftRAID takes your existing hard disks and groups them together to give you more speed, capacity and/or instantaneous backup. No more need of a hardware ...
License : Demo     Download Size:4.0 MB
MimMac 1.2
File backup and complete system cloner. MimMac is an easy to use data backup software that was developed to aid with moving your critical data between systems, and merging your old data with fres...
License : Shareware     Download Size:535 KB
MacTheRipper 2.0.2
DVD ripper. MacTheRipper is a DVD ripper (extractor). It removes CSS encryption, Macrovision protection, sets the disc's region to '0' for region-free, and is capable of removing RCE ...
License : Freeware     Download Size:1.3 MB
DiskCatalogMaker X 3.5b1
Catalog your disks. DiskCatalogMaker is an easy disk management software that catalogs disks. Aqua look and feel. Super quick search algorism. Supports drag and drop. (Copy, clip, trash, and cata...
License : Shareware     Download Size:940 KB
CopyCatX 2.0
Quick copy/backup app. SubRosaSoft CopyCatX is an extremely quick and easy to use software for duplicating a Mac OS X volume or cloning a complete drive. It is ideal for:Anyone who wants to upgra...
License : Shareware     Download Size:5.9 MB
FileSalvage 2.0
Get back erased files from a drive. FileSalvage is a powerful software for recovering erased files from your drive or volume. FileSalvage will get back files you have accidentally erased, or file...
License : Demo     Download Size:4.9 MB
PodSalvage 2.0
Get back erased audio files from any iPod. PodSalvage is a simple to use software that has been developed to get back music files that have been erased intentionally or accidentally from your iPo...
License : Demo     Download Size:5.9 MB
PhotoRescue Wizard 2.1.660
Simplified version of PhotoRescue. PhotoRescue Wizard is a simplified version of our award winning PhotoRescue data-recovery solution for all the types of medias used in digital cameras. PhotoRes...
License : Demo     Download Size:482 KB
LipSync 2.5.2
Sync data between Lotus, iCal, and Address Book. LipSync allows you to to synchronize data between Lotus Notes, Apple iCal, and Apple Address Book! Combined with Apple's free iSync software, ...
License : Demo     Download Size:3.2 MB
Deja Vu 3.0.2
Preference pane performs backups. D Vu offers an innovative new approach to backing up your files. It's a preference pane that shows up in your System Preferences, and it allows you to to sc...
License : Shareware     Download Size:1.9 MB
BackTrack 1.2
Logs all text typed into all applications. BackTrack brings Mac users a new level of safety by logging all text (except passwords) that is typed onto all windows in all applications. The main adv...
License : Shareware     Download Size:877 KB
Drag`nBack 0.9.5
Back up your data with ease. Drag'nBack offers a painless way to back up all your important files. Just drag what needs to be mirrored onto the Drag'nBack icon, and the software will do t...
License : Shareware     Download Size:232 KB
KeyContacts Conduit 0.3.4
Sync Entourage address data with KeyContacts. KeyContacts performs synchronization of the address data with "KeyContacts" of the Chapura company and Entourage v.X of Microsoft....
License : Shareware     Download Size:74 KB
syncup 1.1
File/folder synchronization software. SyncUp is an easy software for performing sync-backups of more than one folders and files (your desktop folder, your calendars folder, your documents folder,...
License : Freeware     Download Size:256 KB
CueMaker 1.0
Burn .bin files. Utiltity for burning .bin files. Creates a cue file for a corresponding .bin so it can be burned....
License : Freeware     Download Size:550 KB
Sync Entourage-Address Book 1.3.5
Sync Address Book with Entourage. (Jaguar) Sync Entourage-Address Book synchronizes Entourage X and Apple's Address Book in OS 10.2.2 and later. It allows you to to maintain Entourage as your...
License : Shareware     Download Size:1.7 MB
Backup Simplicity 1.1.4
Make daily bootable backups. Backup Simplicity is a low-cost, set-and-forget backup software. It makes a daily bootable backup of your OS X system disk to another directly-connected IDE or FireWi...
License : Demo     Download Size:1.0 MB

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While it gives you some insight on the requests being processed, it has some obvious limitations like heavy static files, which are not...
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Irfan View 3.98

Ifranview is a fabulous image viewer that not just allows you to view media files (including image files), but also lets you create slideshows, scan and print images....
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