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Sajer Personal Information Manager v1.0
allows you to to use a unique hierarchical system to group all your contacts and notes. Since each contact can exist in any number of groups, when you update a given contact in one group, it is a...
License : 30-day Trial     Download Size:3 MB
Little Memo Pad v2.1
is a small and easy calendar that displays a different picture for each month. With the click of a button you can show a yearly calendar.You can also obtain more info about the current day, compr...
License : Shareware     Download Size:2 MB
Julian Calendar Deluxe v2.02
allows you to to find Julian dates as presented on a regular Gregorian calendar A calendar displays one month at a time. You can scroll from day to day, month to month, or year to year, using the...
License : Freeware     Download Size:269 KB
IDEAL Calendar v3.5
displays a monthly event calendar on your desktop and allows you to add an unlimited number of events. You can select each event as a holiday, birthday, special, meeting, or other. You can show t...
License : Time-limited Trial     Download Size:2 MB
TaskMinder PIM v2.6
is a unique private info manager and things-to-do manager. TaskMinder may be utilized to track appointments, create prioritized to-do lists, plan major events, store and organize addresses, make ...
License : Demo     Download Size:3 MB
ResSched v3.3L
helps schedule equipment, space, people or other resources by the hour, fraction of an hour, or day. Resources can be grouped together for easy scheduling and checking. You can group resources as...
License : Shareware     Download Size:1 MB
Vinny Calendar Reminder v2.00
allows you to to keep track of your appointments or any other info. The software allows you to at the same time show three calendar months along with three days (one in each month) corresponding ...
License : Shareware     Download Size:380 KB
Personal Interactive Desktop: Austin Powers v2.0
integrates several pictures and sounds from the movie Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me with a calendar, an address book, several free services, and numerous, helpful links. You can receive f...
License : Freeware     Download Size:4 MB
Persian Calendar
allows you to to convert dates from the Jalaali calendar (as used in Iran) to the Gregorian calendar and vice versa. The conversion routine is valid for the 1734 to 2254 range in the Gregorian ca...
License : Freeware     Download Size:179 KB
Assistant2000 v1.0
is an easy calendar software developed to look like your desktop calendar, while accomplishing more. You can attach notes, schedules, and audio to any day. Set alarms to remind you of important e...
License : 30-day Trial     Download Size:4 MB
T v3.45
is a command-sequence date calculator. T displays the date, the time, the number of days gone by since the beginning of the year, the number of days left until the end of the year, and the differ...
License : Freeware     Download Size:29 KB
Chrono-Logic v1.10
is a private scheduling and reminder software. The main screen displays a monthly calendar alongside your events (appointments/ToDos) for the day. You can also effortlessly see your schedule in w...
License : Shareware     Download Size:365 KB
OnTime Personal Scheduler v1.0
allows you to to keep track of appointments, tasks, and events. The software's easy to use interface allows you to effortlessly point and click to maintain your schedule. In addition, you can...
License : 30-day Trial     Download Size:1 MB
GeoTimer v1.0
allows you to to convert dates and times between the Gregorian format, GPS (Global Positioning System) time, and the Modified Julian Date (MJD). The software's "Time Span Calculation&quo...
License : Shareware     Download Size:837 KB
TrayCalendar (by inHere Computing) v1.0
is a calendar software, that runs as a convienent icon in the System Tray area of the Windows taskbar. TrayCalendar allows you to to check dates fastly. You can check dates within a six month per...
License : Freeware     Download Size:455 KB
XDesk95 v1.2
is a private organizer that comes with a calendar, a diary, an alarm clock, a notepad, a dialer, a mailer, and a calculator. Using the combined calendar, diary, and alarm clock, you can schedule ...
License : 30-day Trial     Download Size:392 KB
Appointment Book (Network MLT Version) v3.45
is an electronic appointments system for networked professional/business offices and service centers. It provides up to 16 page columns with user-adjustable column widths, and accepts multi-seque...
License : 14-day Trial     Download Size:4 MB
Task Manager 2000 v1.00.728
Job Plus Professional is a powerful multi-user scheduling calendar handling up to 100 simultaneous users on a local area network. A color coded 4-month calendar is on screen at all times. Tasks incl...
License : 30-day Trial     Download Size:17 MB
Grandmothers Birthday Calendar Builder v1.03
allows you to to create a birthday date calendar using input from genealogy softwares (PAF, Ancestral Quest, and many more), or by manual inputs. The birthday dates are automatically saved, and c...
License : Shareware     Download Size:2 MB
Appointment Setter v2.0
is a daily calendar for your appointments and to-do tasks, as well as a contact database for all your business and private contacts. The Appointment Setter calendar comes preloaded with all major...
License : Freeware     Download Size:4 MB
ScheduleMaster v2.01
is a multi-user, multi-resource appointment scheduler. You can create as several custom appointment slots for as several resources as you want. The software allows you to design not only custom s...
License : 30-day Trial     Download Size:2 MB
Calendar Quick v3.2 release 4
is a professional calendar, project manager and job scheduling software well-suited for use by individuals, managers, and business people. You can schedule 5 various types of tasks (events, phase...
License : Shareware     Download Size:879 KB
1999 Fractal Calendar v1.0
is a quick reference software that features fractal art. This calendar software for the year 1999 is not meant to hold notes, memos or appointments. However, it is useful for checking the date to...
License : Shareware     Download Size:685 KB
ACT! Password Recovery Key v2.3
Entirely configurable calendar with notes/appointments, tasks, alarms and contacts. It features integration and interactivity with a desktop wallpaper, shares calendar layers in a local network and di...
License : Demo     Download Size:328 KB
2000 Fractal Calendar v1.0
is a quick reference software that features fractal art. This calendar software for the year 2000 is not meant to hold notes, memos or appointments. However, it is useful for checking the date to...
License : Shareware     Download Size:601 KB
Agenda 98 v1.37b
is a complete, all-in-one solution for managing appointments, tasks, and reminders. Agenda 98 is divided into several modules to help organize your busy life. The modules include: Home, Tasks, Al...
License : 30-day Trial     Download Size:2 MB
Desktop Goodies v2000
comes with a pop-up calendar, a reminder software, a sticky notepad, a metric converter, and a countdown timer. All of the utilities are accessible from an easy Taskbar System Tray menu that can ...
License : Shareware     Download Size:2 MB
Popup Calendar v3.0b
is a very easy to use monthly calendar and scheduling software that runs in your System Tray. Popup Calendar displays the day of the month as its icon in the System Tray. Left-clicking on the ico...
License : 30-day Trial     Download Size:1 MB
Nino Contacts v3.32
is a contact manager that tracks all your contacts and the actions that have been completed and must still be performed for each contact. Following each action with a contact, you can assign a re...
License : 21-day Trial     Download Size:10 MB
All To Do v1.3
allows you to to create numerous to-do lists, each with their own assigned tasks. All To Do allows you to edit, sort, and delete your to-do lists, and export them to a text file.It can be placed ...
License : Time-limited Trial     Download Size:198 KB

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