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Convert PDF documents into HTML files can make your PDF files effortlessly be indexed and found on the internet. A web browser is the only software needed to read and print the HTML files converted fr...
License : Shareware     Download Size:845 KB
A filemanager based loosely on OS/2's WPS DFM is a desktop manager for Linux and other UNIX-OS. It works like the OS/2 WPS. Files are shown as icons and every folder has it's own window....
License : Not Specified
X Filemanager that works and looks like the Win95 (tm) Explorer This is a X filemanager that was developed to duplicate all the functionality of the Windows95 (tm) Explorer filemanager. It uses t...
License : Not Specified


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IISGuard 1.0

IIS Guard simply lists the URLs on a server that are taking time to execute. I think there is more to IIS performance bebugging than just the execution time.

While it gives you some insight on the requests being processed, it has some obvious limitations like heavy static files, which are not...
Posted 16-Nov-2005
Irfan View 3.98

Ifranview is a fabulous image viewer that not just allows you to view media files (including image files), but also lets you create slideshows, scan and print images....
Posted 18-Jul-2006