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Wiz Solitaire 1.23
Wiz Solitaire is a group of more than 20 classic card games (Klondike, FreeCell, Spider...) with the possibility to create and use attractive decks with your favorite pictures, or use one among the th...
License : 15-day Trial     Download Size:2345 KB
Android 1.5
Android is an out-of-this-world kind of game: It's the biggest tiny game you'll ever play! Though it's set in a teeny tiny universe, it's worlds of humungous fun! 100 levels, 5 differe...
License : Shareware     Download Size:8000 KB
Space Invaders 1.1.0
Play this all time classics with new weapons and special monsters! This is a remake of the classic space invaders game. In this game you control a space ship to destroy a team of space invaders. ...
License : Freeware     Download Size:338 KB
WordOMatic 1.0.4g
WordOMatic is a Word Search game with elements of puzzle and strategy. Rearrange letters to form words that are replaced with fresh letters. As letters grow old, they alter colour. Use all available l...
License : Shareware     Download Size:908 KB
Ares 1.8.8
Ares is a free peer to peer file sharing software that allows users to share any digital file comprising pictures, mp3's, videos, software softwares, and more. Search for, download, and share, un...
License : Demo     Download Size:151 KB
iPong 3.2
iPong is an integrated media player and pong game that revolutionises the way people at the same time see media and play pong. It is also capable of playing plain pong without a movie, for those ...
License : Freeware     Download Size:1.4 MB
Detox 3.0
Detox is an embittered arcade game that invites you to run the medical, mental health, law-enforcement and social services into the ground. Score interdepartmental brownie points by bouncing add...
License : Freeware     Download Size:20.9 MB
Final Excuse Pro 1.3
Perfectly plausable and believable excuses are a mouseclick away, for even the most defective user. The premier excuse generation system for people bereft of credibility and imagination, Final Ex...
License : Freeware     Download Size:60 KB
Game Show Presenter 4.3
Help people pay attention! Increase learning with a fun game show presentation that you alter to your topic Just write your quiz or review questions and select options. Show has music, effects, fun...
License : Shareware     Download Size:7170 KB
HeckleWorks Pro 4.0
HeckleWorks is a the premier robotic heckle, jibe, insult and realtime personality evaluation generator for OS X. HeckleWorks is a robotic heckle, jibe, insult and realtime personality evaluation...
License : Freeware     Download Size:156 KB
Simbabwe 1.2
Try your hand at destroying the Republic of Zimbabwe. You have to burn a lot of houses to become one of the world's foremost tyrants. Welcome to Simbabwe, where the property is already owned ...
License : Freeware     Download Size:9.8 MB
Dominoes 2
Make dominoes sircle online. Make dominoes sircle online....
License : Shareware     Download Size:10 KB
HeckleWorks 3.2
Realtime personality evaluation generator HeckleWorks is a robotic heckle, jibe, insult and realtime personality evaluation generator. It may be utilized for filling evaluation forms, intermitten...
License : Freeware     Download Size:162 KB
Multris 1.0
Prepare for some quick paced block dropping action. Compete against players from all over the world. In this classic block dropping game, you can compete against players of different skill levels...
License : Shareware     Download Size:866 KB
Jigsaw Puzzle Player 1.1
Play jigsaw puzzles on your computer, it's just like the real thing but without the hassle. JPP allows you to work on more than one puzzles and switch between them, the software automatically...
License : Shareware     Download Size:2.4 MB
RadioRecorder 1.0
RadioRecorder allows you to to save streaming music over the internet into saved MP3 files that you can use to copy to your iPod or other portable music device. ...
License : Freeware     Download Size:1 MB
BZFlag 1.10.8
Multiplayer, networked tank-shooting game. Tanked. Massively multiplayer networked tank-shooting game plays like a cross between 'Battlezone' and 'Tank Battle'. Players drive arou...
License : Freeware     Download Size:5.9 MB
Blades of Avernum 1.1.1
Swords and sorcery in a world at war. Receive ready for unlimited adventures. Prepare for tales of sword and sorcery in a world at war. On one side, the mighty empire that controls all known land...
License : Demo     Download Size:14.0 MB
MrScopa 1.0.7
Card game agaist the computer. Regional card game, player vs computer. Play cards against the computer -highly skilled to let you suffer a lot until you can beat it!...
License : Shareware     Download Size:1.2 MB
Ponere 1.0.3
Tile-arranging game. Just arrange the tiles so that they create a closed pattern, such as a circle or oval. Sounds easy, right? You would think so; however, you can only move a column or row at a...
License : Shareware     Download Size:5.4 MB
Bomber 1.0.4
Very easy bombing game. Destroy the devil with your super cannon! A very easy bombing game with this great funky music. A great game to play when you are really bored on that cold rainy day. Enjo...
License : Freeware     Download Size:896 KB
Dead of Night 8.1
3rd-party scenario for Realmz. Dead of Night is a new, 3rd-party scenario for Realmz (of Fantasoft LLC). This scenario is the first installement of the "Prince of Death Cycle", a new trilogy of s...
License : Shareware     Download Size:2.3 MB
SuperDaleks 1.91
OS X version of the classic robots game. A version of the old robots game now ported to Mac OS X....
License : Freeware     Download Size:24 KB
Descender 1.3.1
Enriched graphics & sound Tetris game. Descender is a Tetris-like game that features fluidly moving pieces, polished 16-bit graphics, and a professionally recorded surf-rock soundtrack. It al...
License : Shareware     Download Size:7.3 MB
SerieFoot 1.0.4
Stores soccer match results/computes rankings. The SerieFoot software (for Macintosh only) allows to manage results, standings, graphics, and several statistics for virtually any football (soccer...
License : Freeware     Download Size:1.1 MB
Stunt Copter 1.0.1
Remake of an old Mac classic game. Stunt Copter is an old Macintosh game made by Duane Blehm, in 1987. Duane passed away a few years ago. But we've converted Stunt Copter to Mac OS X, so this...
License : Freeware     Download Size:169 KB
Volley Balley 1.6
Beach volleyball game. Volley Balley is a fun volleyball game where you play 1-on-1 against a computer opponent. You move your round charater forward and backward (but not side to side) and jump ...
License : Shareware     Download Size:1.7 MB
Stepmania 3.9rc1
Rhythm pattern game. Stepmania is a rhythm game. Arrows pointing in different directions scroll up from the bottom of the screen and the player must hit the corresponding button in time to the mu...
License : Freeware     Download Size:12.3 MB
Splendid City 4.2
Organize team sport or game events. ...
License : Freeware     Download Size:3.6 MB
Ultranium4 1.4
Mix between breakout and shooting game. Ultranium4 is a crazy mix between a breakout game and a space old school arcade shot'em up that features full 32-bit color, stereo sound, and even a mu...
License : Shareware     Download Size:5.7 MB

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IISGuard 1.0

IIS Guard simply lists the URLs on a server that are taking time to execute. I think there is more to IIS performance bebugging than just the execution time.

While it gives you some insight on the requests being processed, it has some obvious limitations like heavy static files, which are not...
Posted 16-Nov-2005
Irfan View 3.98

Ifranview is a fabulous image viewer that not just allows you to view media files (including image files), but also lets you create slideshows, scan and print images....
Posted 18-Jul-2006