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3D Asteroids 1.4
Asteroids finally hits the 3rd dimension. Using an unique 6 see screen and a special control system, your job remains to dodge and destroy asteroids, but this time you have have to view your back - an...
License : Freeware     Download Size:1719 KB
Yin Yang Bootscreen 1.0
Chinese Yin Yang Symbols portraid on a matrix background. ...
License : Freeware     Download Size:1.15 MB
Eyeboot 1.0
A huge eye looking at you while your windows xp starts up ...
License : Freeware     Download Size:1.23 MB
Boring XP Bootscreen 1.0
Homer Simpson and Bender together in this bootscreen looking down on the windows xp progressbar ...
License : Freeware     Download Size:1.04 MB
Bluish Windows Bootscreen 1.0
This bootscreen is on the basis of the Windows XP wall wallpaper created by zishin. The package contains two versions of english ntoskrnl.exe, with Windows XP Service Pack 1 and without Service P...
License : Freeware     Download Size:2.37 MB
BootSkin 1.03
Safely and effortlessly alter your Windows boot screen with BootSkin It allows you to to replace your Windows boot up screen with ones you can download from websites such as or c...
License : Freeware     Download Size:0.90 MB
Screen Booty 1.1
Create custom Windows screens with Screen Booty and transform your boring default screens Developed for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, Screen Booty's abilities correlate to the version of Windows ...
License : Time-limited Trial     Download Size:4.57 MB
PC Breaker 1.0
Comprehensible software for quick and correct leave from Windows.Now even, your grandmother will be able correctly to switch off computer.Changeable picture of the button.Autostart  You can set a...
License : Time-limited Trial     Download Size:0.15 MB
BootXP 2.50
BootXP is a simple to use startup logo changer developed for Windows 2000 and XP Use bitmap files or kernel files as sources. Show animated full screen previews of the screens, you will see it as...
License : Time-limited Trial     Download Size:569 KB
Logon UI Boot Randomizer 3.9.1
A logon and boot screens manager for WinXP Features: Change-Randomize (3 methods) boot and logon screens, Exclude screens from randomizing; Real time preview for boot screens; Entirely resizable - pre...
License : Freeware     Download Size:0.7 MB
Logo Organizer 2000 v5.00
allows you to organize and alter your start up and shut down screens. You can organize your logo screens into "families" (startup, wait, and shutdown screens), and effortlessly select t...
License : Shareware     Download Size:1 MB
Eyes v1.0
is made of three logo screens that let you to poke fun at Microsoft Windows Shutdown screens. Numerous eyes stare at you with the sentence "Windows Is Starting To View You" presented ac...
License : Freeware     Download Size:138 KB
Shutdown Patch Logos v1.0
is made of three logo screens that let you to poke fun at Microsoft's inability to fix the Windows Shutdown problem. Several users who run Windows 98 have had to deal with the shutdown proble...
License : Freeware     Download Size:125 KB
1st Impression v2.0.0
automatically replaces your Windows 95/98 startup and shut down logos each time you restart your system. It randomly selects from the group of 32 pictures (comprising 3D pictures and fractals) or...
License : Freeware     Download Size:2 MB
CT Logo Changer v1.0
is an easy to use Windows Startup, Shutdown, and Wait screen logo manager. You can back up the original logo set, save up to ten extra logo sets for easy one-button installation, and preview each...
License : Time-limited Trial     Download Size:291 KB
Logo Randomizer v1.4
randomly changes your Windows 95 Startup, Shutdown, and Wait screens, as well as your desktop wallpaper. For each type of screen (startup, shutdown, wait and wallpaper) you can select a list of f...
License : Freeware     Download Size:3 MB
Teknolohiya Startup/Wait/Shutdown Screens v1.0
is a set of black and white logos reminiscent of "The Matrix". ...
License : Freeware     Download Size:148 KB
Visions Startup/Wait/Shutdown Logos v1.0
is a set of logos featuring natural scenery comprising mountains and water. ...
License : Freeware     Download Size:174 KB
NurLefties v1.4
allows you to replace the the blue sky picture that is presented in Windows Explorer windows with a more colorful one. NurLefties features 29 customized BMP pictures, comprising pictures of items...
License : Freeware     Download Size:2 MB
Windows Screen Selector
allows you to to modify the Windows booting, closing, and shutdown screens. You can select any BMP pictures that are automatically resized and converted to the right color depth....
License : Freeware     Download Size:182 KB
Beveled Welcome Window Startup/Wait/Shutdown Logo Set vv.9x
is a set of logos loosely on the basis of the MacOS welcome window. ...
License : Freeware     Download Size:53 KB
LogoCycler v3.8
allows you to effortlessly manage and automatically cycle your startup, wait, and shutdown screens, as well as your desktop wallpaper. It supports forward, backward, and random cycling in units o...
License : Shareware     Download Size:2 MB
LogoSwitch v2.0
allows you to to create, see, replace, and randomize the screens presented by Windows whenever it is starting up or shutting down. BMP and JPG pictures can be automatically converted into Windows...
License : Shareware     Download Size:567 KB
Outer Space Logo Set v1.0
is a set of startup and shutdown screens with crescent planets and suns. ...
License : Freeware     Download Size:40 KB
WARNING! Windows Detected Startup/Shutdown/Wait Screens v1.0
displays an amusing "Warning" message that Windows is detected on the currently running machine. ...
License : Freeware     Download Size:101 KB
QTam Spin Palette BMP v1.2.00
features artwork for Screaming Mimi's NY store ad. ...
License : Freeware     Download Size:184 KB
Doctor Who Logo Screen Set 1
is a set of startup, wait, and shutdown logos on the basis of the opening and closing titles of the Sylvester McCoy era 1987-1989. ...
License : Freeware     Download Size:45 KB
Doctor Who Logo Screen Set 2
is a set of startup, wait, and shutdown logos on the basis of the popular British science-fiction series "Doctor Who". ...
License : Freeware     Download Size:163 KB
Text to Logo Converter v1.0.1
allows you to create startup or shutdown logos. Text to Logo Converter allows you to integrate a text file with a background picture of your choice to create a startup or shutdown (SYS) file. You...
License : Freeware     Download Size:89 KB
The Changer v3.0
replaces the Windows 95/98 logo screen each time you start your computer and comes with a group of replacement animated logo screens. It automatically changes your logo screen so each time you st...
License : Freeware     Download Size:949 KB

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