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A CURIOUS LIGHT is a Commercial released by MIND SONG BOOKS. A CURIOUS LIGHT software is approx. Not specified in size and it runs on Windows.

A CURIOUS LIGHT WINDFALLOW CHRONICLES V: A CURIOUS LIGHT The Windfallow Chronicles tell the story of a small planet, sister-world to Earth where man never sinned, angels are visible and the common building materials are gemstone. Four times the demon, Jackal, sent humans he controlled into Windfallow seeking to seduce and bend it as Satan seduced Earth. Finally, the angels cast the demon into outer darkness where he could never again interact in any way with any world.All gates between Windfallow and Earth were closed. But, as a further precaution, the marvelous gemstone of Windfallow was concealed behind a cloud of mindlock so it would appear as common stone to aliens.Now, it is centuries later and space travel has brought humans to a far corner of their galaxy. Here, a tiny planet shimmers in a curious light?

Facts Objective Fact
License Type Commercial
Product Website http://www.mindsinger.com
Operating Systems Windows
Registration Fees 8 USD
File Size Not specified
Released On 7/29/2006
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