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A Day With Charlie 1 is a Shareware released by Grant & Capizzi. A Day With Charlie 1 software is approx. 3.2 MB in size and it runs on 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP.

A Day With Charlie 1 A wonderfully offbeat and moving picture book Spend a day with Charlie in this wonderfully offbeat and moving picture book as our favorite terrier introduces his hometown and its inhabitants while he performs a valuable service to the community. Children of all ages will love this unusual book and will find Charlie irresistible. On this day that is unlike any other, you will receive to meet a whole host of engrossing people whose lives are touched by our trustworthy canine friend. This book educates while it entertains and strives to make everyone think in a new light. Comes with 6 bonus posters featuring scenes from nature accompanied by quotes from famous authors.

Facts Objective Fact
Author Grant & Capizzi
License Type Shareware
Product Website http://www.cardsrightnow.com
Operating Systems 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP
Registration Fees Not specified
File Size 3.2 MB
Released On 4/29/2003
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