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ASCII/edit 1.0 is a Shareware released by . ASCII/edit 1.0 software is approx. 731 KB in size and it runs on Mac OS X 10.1.

ASCII/edit 1.0 ASCII editor for tables, diagrams, and many more. ASCII/edit is an editor for tables, diagrams, or easy graphics made of ASCII characters in a fixed-width font. It allows you to arrange text on a page, as with a layout software; align and indent paragraphs, like in a word processor; and add lines and rectangles, as in a drawing software. The output, however, is easy ASCII text, that you can include in e-mails, newsgroups, or source code.

Facts Objective Fact
License Type Shareware
Product Website
Operating Systems Mac OS X 10.1
Registration Fees Not specified
File Size 731 KB
Released On 9/19/2003
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ASCII/edit 1.0 Free Download

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