Bumper Boat Billiards v1.0

Bumper Boat Billiards v1.0 - Free Download

Bumper Boat Billiards v1.0 is a Demo released by ALI-PAL Software. Bumper Boat Billiards v1.0 software is approx. 317 KB in size and it runs on Windows 95/98/Me.

Bumper Boat Billiards v1.0 is a billiard-style game that can be played by two kids on the same computer (or by an adult with a kid on their lap). You control a turtle bumper boat and try to push beach balls into the pockets. The pockets "eat" the balls with fun sound effects. The first player to sink all their colored balls into the pockets gets to try for the 8 ball to win.

Facts Objective Fact
Author ALI-PAL Software
License Type Demo
Product Website http://www.sni.net/~pshields/
Operating Systems Windows 95/98/Me
Registration Fees Not specified
File Size 317 KB
Released On 3/24/1998
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Bumper Boat Billiards v1.0 Free Download

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