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Easydex is a Freeware released by . Easydex software is approx. 176 KB in size and it runs on Windows 95/98/Me.

Easydex is a database software that allows you to to store your contact info. You can perform searches by name or surname, as well as edit, delete, and print your records.

Facts Objective Fact
License Type Freeware
Product Website
Operating Systems Windows 95/98/Me
Registration Fees Not specified
File Size 176 KB
Released On 5/30/2000
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HomeBase98 v6.0 - Shareware Added on 22-Oct-1998
is an address book developed for home use, with the ability to print envelopes and labels and dial telephone numbers. For each contact you can track name, address, two telephone numbers, e-mail address, and notes. You can attach a bitmap graphic (such as a photo) to each record. You can auto-dial telephone numbers by your modem, or can send e-mail with the click of a button.HomeBase98 allows you to effortlessly browse the contact database, or search by name, address, city, zip code or key words. You can pick any number of records to be printed on envelopes or labels. Or you can just make any number of labels with your return address. Reports can be printed and backup and restore features are included.This software was previous known as HomeBase98.

Info Book Pro v3.0 - 30-day Trial Added on 22-Jul-2000
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InfoBase 2000 v1.0 - Time-limited Trial Added on 1-Feb-2000
stores contact details, notes and schedule details within one interface. It allows you to to configure up to nine alarms to activate on a specific date and time. There are also options to password protect the software and encrypt data info. The software runs as an easy icon in the System Tray area of the Windows taskbar.

KeyContact 2000 - Freeware Added on 29-Sep-2000
is a contact management, sales force automation, and client relationship management software. KeyContact 2000 can help you track and follow contacts, check client care, and optimize your sales force.

ListGrabber v2.7 - 30-day Trial Added on 30-Mar-2000
allows you to to capture addresses from different documents, comprising tables and Website pages. The software allows you to effortlessly capture address lists in any document of any format, comprising e-mail messages, Web sites, word processors, spreadsheets, and databases, and transfer them to Act 4.0 or 2000, GoldMine 3.0 to 5.0, and Outlook 97 to 2000. ListGrabber automatically captures the name, company, title, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, and other types of info, transferring them into their corresponding fields. You can export the captured addresses to a text file.

Marketing Manager v3.2 beta b - 30-day Trial Added on 15-Mar-2000
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Memo Friends v3.0 - Freeware Added on 17-Aug-2000
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METZ Phones Pro - Enterprise Edition v9.0 beta - 45-day Trial Added on 3-Sep-2000
is an excellent contact manager for business professionals. METZ Phones Pro is a networkable, easy to use phonebook system. It offers a large number of features that better productivity, comprising mail-merge pasting into Word and WordPerfect documents, sortable user defined fields, modem dialing, custom categories, database synchronization, and the ability to store Web page addresses and e-mail addresses. It offers full access control with the ability to mark records for show in a private Rolodex.Other features of METZ Phones Pro include: label and envelope printing, custom printed reports, HTML output of printed reports, MAPI support (for integration with Outlook, Exchange, WinFax, and other MAPI based e-mail and fax systems), Palm Pilot synchronization, a configurable toolbar, record linking, advanced searching, and support for MS Access and Microsoft SQL Server database engines.This "Enterprise Edition" is developed for firms that prefer one, enterprise-wide solution for storing contact info. These firms typically maintain one database, shared among all employees firm-wide.

Easydex Free Download

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