Mobile Administrator v1.0.25

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Mobile Administrator v1.0.25 is a Shareware released by Nebojsa Djogo. Mobile Administrator v1.0.25 software is approx. 2 MB in size and it runs on Windows NT/2000.

Mobile Administrator v1.0.25 allows you to to control your computer from anywhere, using almost any portable Internet-connected device. Mobile Administrator supports Palm Pilots, Windows CE-based PCs, mobile phones, and virtually any WAP-capable device. You can monitor the amount of free memory and time elapsed since the last restart of a remote machine, show the status and start and stop services on a remote PC, and reboot a remote machine.

Facts Objective Fact
Author Nebojsa Djogo
License Type Shareware
Product Website
Operating Systems Windows NT/2000
Registration Fees Not specified
File Size 2 MB
Released On 10/25/2000
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Download Mobile Administrator v1.0.25 Now!

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Mobile Administrator v1.0.25 Free Download

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