SecureTN3270 v2.0 Build 003

SecureTN3270 v2.0 Build 003 - Free Download

SecureTN3270 v2.0 Build 003 is a Freeware released by SECUREAGENT.COM. SecureTN3270 v2.0 Build 003 software is approx. 348 KB in size and it runs on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000.

SecureTN3270 v2.0 Build 003 allows you to to securely access S/390 hosts and control access of users and groups to the mainframe. The software provides communication to an SNA software over a secured TCP/IP connection, comes with central administration, and is compatible with existing systems and communications gateways. It also allows you to extend real-time corporate data access to a mobile workforce; automatically give total security of transmitted data across the network at the access, session, and software levels; and fetch the history of the user's session with the host machine using the "Instant Replay" feature. SecureTN3270 supports all 3270 models, securely accesses anything standard 3270 can access, provides 3270 screen emulation, and secures internal and remote access operation of mainframe applications using user-authentication, encryption, and compression. In addition, the software can protect "sniffed" data from being read since the data stream is encrypted and compressed.

Facts Objective Fact
License Type Freeware
Product Website
Operating Systems Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000
Registration Fees Not specified
File Size 348 KB
Released On 2/6/2000
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SecureTN3270 v2.0 Build 003 Free Download

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